Capturing Precious Memories in a Single Moment




From when I can remember my mother and father always let me play with a camera and take photos from my point of view. Back when I was little they weren't always good images but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that its what started my interest in Photography.

I had always wanted to persue a career in Photography but sadly I never felt I was confident enough so I decided to persue a career in Administration and obtained by degree from the University of Abertay and having a 7 year career in that sector. 

I then gave birth to my beautiful twins who you will see featured in some of my work and while on maternity leave I decided to have a change in career as I had built up a lot of confidence through my Admin career and thought you know what I can do this and I will.

It's like I am living a dream, each client that I do photos for and see them happy with the end result makes it all worth while and it is such a fulfilling career to have and I am so grateful to my past, present and future clients.


Sharing Stories

I invite you to have a look through my gallery and contact me to discuss your needs, as your photographer i would share your story and capture your precious memories in a single moment to give you memories which will last a lifetime.